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We create custom Tiny Homes, Pop-Up Stores and Food Trucks

that are unique, cute, quaint,
and fulfil your needs for mobility, storage and comfort.

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The Bio

Zeke began working as a carpenter for a commercial general contractor, Essex General Construction, in Eugene OR from 1995 to 2005. He rose to lead carpenter, then project manager quickly. His attention to detail and ability to manage a crew made him a valuable employee. He married Pam and had 3 daughters, Madison, Emma and Rachel.

In 2005, Zeke decided to move his family to Florida to be close to both sides of the family. He opened his own carpentry/ handyman business, Zekreations, and has been successfully operating that ever since. His speciality is finish carpentry, historical restorations, and custom property renovations. One of his latest projects was to restore Eau Gallie's Historic Pineapple House built in ????.

The tiny house movement grabbed his attention in 2017 – Zeke was fascinated with the challenges of building an attractive an unique living space that was mobile and… tiny. He took a personal challenge and design and custom build his own house for the St. Augustine Tiny House Festival which was only 9 months away! The Upper Mackenzie was extremely well received due to the luxury products and fine craftsmanship he put into the build. This was the launch of Tiny Kreations!