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Tiny Kreations • Model Home:
The Upper MacKenzie

East Central Fla on the Space Coast of Brevard
Palm Bay, Melbourne, Rockledge, Cocoa, and the Beaches

The Upper MacKenzie is the first Tiny Home model that Zeke and Pam Twardzik built. This model was inspired by their first home, a cabin near the MacKenzie River in Eugene, Oregon.

After they moved to Florida, they wanted to preserve the memories of this river cabin below the Cascade Range. Rather than just name it the MacKenzie (after the river), they included the descriptor "Upper" as a nod to the two loft bedrooms upstairs.

The Upper MacKenzie will soon be joined by the Lower MacKenzie, a model that will feature a master bedroom on the ground floor.

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the Outside Specifications

Make a Statement On Wheels!

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Exterior Dimensions
The exterior dimensions of the house are:
•   8 foot wide
•   20 foot long (not including tongue)
•   14 foot tall
Twin 7000 Pound Axles
12,000 total pounds (empty - no food, water, bedding, etc.)
18 Windows
•   Leading Front Upstairs: One Fixed Loft
•   Leading Front Downstairs: Screened Slider in Kitchen
•   Front Side – Large Fixed Window in Door & Above Dinner Table
•   Front Side – Downstairs: Screened Sliders in Kitchen and Shower
•   Front Side – Upstairs: One Fixed & One Slider in Each Loft
•   Back Side – Downstairs: Front & Back Screened Slider, Middle Fixed
•   Back Side – Upstairs: One fixed & One Slider in Each Loft
•   Trailing Back Upstairs One Fixed Arch in Loft
RV Style Hookups
•   Standard 3/4" Hose Bibb for Pot-table Water
•   Standard 3.5" RV Receiver
•   Equipped w/50 Amp Service
•   Most Systems Run 20 Amp/120 Volt Outlet
Road Ready
•   sway bars
•   tongue weight
•   brake lights
Outside Features Storage
•   Front and Back Gear Cuboards
•   Stairs Stow Away
•   Deck is Stored on Floor During Travel


the Inside Specifications

Going small doesn't mean you can't dream big.

Make your own statement with a unique decorative flair!

Work with a talented designer to create a rustic log cabin, sleek modern structure, or a quirky Hobbit Shire.

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Interior Dimensions
260 Sq. Ft. Interior:
160 Square Feet Floor Plan with
2) 50 foot square lofts
for a total of 260 square feet
Sleeping Capacity
Sleeps 5 with dual twin bed size lofts.
It has 1 king in master loft and 2 twins in kid's loft.
A fifth person can sleep on the convertible bench/dining table downstairs.
Ample Storage Throughout
3 Drawers under stairs, 1 drawer under refrigerator, 3 boxes under couch, 16 cubbies in bathroom, 1 closet, and exterior storage on front and back of house.
Climate Control
High-efficiency Pioneer mini-split AC and heat pump 9000 BTUS to 36000 BTUS
Vented Shower Stall
Full size luxury shower with dual shower heads and river rock shower floor.
Flush Toilet
Low Flow RV Toilet (full-sized seat and foot activated residential flush)
Tankless Instant Water Heater
Tankless propane instant hot water heater 35,000 BTU
11.5 x 17 x 4.7 inch Walnut butcher block counter
30 inch farm sink
Kitchen Appliances
Vented Convection/Microwave Oven
2 burner gas range
10 cubic ft. refrigerator/freezer
Comfortable 6 foot high density 4 inch foam couch.
Lighting and Electrical
3 Overhead LED (low power) Lights
12 Standard AC Power Outlets Strategically Placed
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  • Pre-Fab

    Zeke prepares to assemble the super-structure on the trailer for his first Tiny Home design: The MacKenzie

  • Framing

    The Tiny House Team gets their frame on!

  • Frame Complete!

    Next comes the fun part, making this a work of art!

  • Ready to enjoy!

    The door is open, come on in!

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